Beginning of the 2015 – 2016 School Year!


Another year has begun at TCIS! This is my 4th year at the Thai-Chinese International School in Bangkok, Thailand, and it’s already off to a great start. This year, I have more students enrolled than ever: 150 students across 7 different classes.

This year, I will be teaching:
• High School Wind Ensemble
• High School Guitar Ensemble & History of Rock ‘n’ Roll (2 Sections)
• High School Audio Production (New this year!)
• High School Percussion Ensemble (Also new this year!)
• 7th Grade Beginning Band
• 8th Grade Intermediate Band

I’m particularly excited to offer the Audio Production and Percussion Ensemble classes. A big part of my Masters work at The University of Texas revolved around non-traditional ensembles as a sort out “outreach” to students who normally wouldn’t take music, as traditional music programs might have been inaccessible or uninteresting to them.

Audio Production will be focusing on both Live Sound Reinforcement as well as the Recording Arts, and they will serve as the go-to team for all the school’s live sound needs. They’ll also be working with the school’s Video Productions class to work on audio editing, mixing, and mastering. We will be using Roey Izhaki’s excellent “Mixing Audio: Concepts, Practices, and Tools” as our initial textbook.

Percussion Ensemble was my bread and butter prior to coming to Thailand, but I haven’t taught it since moving here. This year, 7 people have signed up so far. We’ll be doing some fun stuff in there; currently, I’m having them explore YouTube for ideas of things other percussion ensembles have done, as well as watching clips from Stomp, Blue Man Group, etc. We’ve also started some basic drumming and mallet exercises to get everyone up to speed.

The High School Wind Ensemble already had their first performance of the year. Over the summer, I emailed all the new members the Thai National Anthem and arrangements of Maroon 5’s “Maps” and OMI’s “Cheerleader”. All 40 members showed up on the first day of school ready to perform at our opening ceremony!

Good things are happening at TCIS. I hope to keep everyone informed of all the fun stuff we’ll be doing this year through this blog — hope you’ll drop by and check it out from time-to-time 🙂

– Jay

First Day of School!