“Out of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creative” by Ken Robinson

Love this quote: “Thinking of education as a preparation for something that happens later can overlook the fact that the first sixteen or eighteen years of a person’s life are not a rehearsal. Young people are living their lives now.”

More and more I conceptualize music education the same way. Beginning band isn’t training for high school band, which isn’t training for college band. A student musician should do as much of the same things that a professional musician does as best they can. So I’d rather the students learn to play “Cheerleader” by OMI than hot cross buns. It certainly makes music more interesting and relevant to them, I think.

To quote a closefriend of mine, “Start acting now like what you want to become later. If you want to be an engineer, start acting like an engineer. If you want to be a writer, start acting like a writer. Don’t wait until later. Do it now.”

Great advice.